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Login Problems
If you are continuously being sent back to the login page after selecting the correct Venue/Band name and entering the correct password then do the following...
Click on [Top Menu] > [Login] > [Logout]
This may clear the session errors allowing you to login.
Also, Internet Explorer 9 does have some problems with certain service packs.
So, use Firefox, Chrome or Safari for best performance with gigall

Recommended Cookie Settings for this website
It is very important have your browser configured with the correct cookie settings in order to administrate your band, venue or promotor profile.
If you are continuously being requested to login to gigall whilst trying to do the following:
  • Updating Band Details
  • Updating Venue Details
  • Updating Promotor Details
  • Adding Gigs (applies to Bands, Promotors and Venues)
  • Adding MP3's
  • Adding Band Members
Or getting an error similar to the one below
 Element BANDID is undefined in SESSION
Then it is almost a certainty that your browser cookie setting are incorrectly configured.
Click the button below to test whether your browser is correctly configured to accept cookies

If your browser is not correctly configured then read on...
Below are some simple instructions to configure your browser so you can use gigall administration pages with
Explorer and Firefox
Once you are done refresh this page by click the "Refresh Page" button below then
Click the button above to test your cookie settings again.
IE Explorer
  • Click on Tools
  • Select Internet Options
  • Select Privacy Tab

    Internet Options - Privacy

  • Click on Advanced Button

    Internet Options - Privacy - Advanced

  • Tick Override automatic cookie handling
  • Select "Accept" under First-party Cookies
  • Select "Accept" under Third-party Cookies
  • Tick Always allow session cookies
  • Click OK
  • Click OK
  • Click on Tools
  • Select Options
  • Click Privacy Icon
  • Select Cookies Tab

  • Internet Options - Privacy - Advanced

  • Tick "Allow sites to set Cookies"
  • To the right of Keep Cookies choose "until they expire"
  • Click OK